YHV is a new and exciting record label that was formed in 2022 as a sublabel of YHV Records. Founded by Yoheva, the label has rapidly gained a reputation as a leader in the Tech House, House, Bass House, and Indie Dance Bass genres.

One of the things that sets YHV apart from other labels is their dedication to discovering and promoting emerging talent. Since its inception, YHV has received an overwhelming number of demo submissions from up-and-coming artists looking for a platform to showcase their music. Impressed by the quality of these submissions, Yoheva decided to create a label specifically focused on these genres.

YHV is committed to providing their artists with the support and resources they need to succeed. They work closely with each artist to ensure that their music is polished and ready for release, and they provide extensive marketing and promotion services to help each release reach a wider audience.

With a strong emphasis on quality and innovation, YHV is quickly establishing itself as a must-watch label in the Tech House, House, Bass House, and Indie Dance Bass genres. Their dedication to discovering new talent and promoting emerging artists is a testament to their commitment to the music community, and their focus on quality and creativity ensures that each release is something special.