YHV Records is a cutting-edge record label that specializes in Afro House, Organic House, Melodic House, and Electronica. Founded by Yoheva in 2019, the label has quickly established itself as a leading force in the electronic music scene. YHV Records is dedicated to promoting innovative and unique sounds, and is committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in electronic music.

The label's focus on Afro House, Organic House, Melodic House, and Electronica reflects its commitment to exploring the rich and diverse musical traditions of the world, as well as its embrace of the latest trends in electronic music. YHV Records has built a reputation for releasing music that is both intellectually engaging and emotionally resonant, with a particular emphasis on tracks that are as musically adventurous as they are danceable.

With its roster of talented and forward-thinking artists, YHV Records is at the forefront of the electronic music scene, constantly pushing the envelope and breaking new ground. Whether you're a die-hard fan of Afro House, Organic House, Melodic House, or Electronica, or simply someone who loves innovative and boundary-pushing music, YHV Records is a label that is well worth checking out.