About Us

YHV Music Group Formed in 2019, Our first label YHV Records has established itself as one of the South-East Asia’s leading independent record labels, etching its story into the pages of ground-breaking Afro House and Organic House music. Now a bonafide global music institution, synonymous with diverse, uncompromising releases and equally visionary artists committed to pushing the boundaries of music. Record Labels under our management: YHV Records, Excusez Records, YHV, Afroritmo YHV Records, Inlakesh Records, Super Disco Records, indo-EDM Collective.

We developed our company and added sub-divisions in just one year after 2020 to make YHV Music Group a one-stop destination for record labels and artists to get everything they need in the music industry. YHV Distribution performs as our Music Digital Distributor, YHV Recordings exists to serve as our Music Studio for mixing and mastering, YHV Beats represents as our DJ Tools division, YHV Publishing helps as our publisher, and we are a participant of the Web3 Music NFT to increase revenue opportunities for our labels and artists.