Music NFT

YHV Records is joining the Web3 NFT Community, and in collaboration with Pianity, we will release speciaL (unique, legendary, epic) one-of-a-kind, great production, and rare YHV Roots.

El Mirador

Schmidt (BR) interprets "El Mirador" with deep emotions, beautiful stories that will make you immerse yourself in a deep sea of melancholy surrounded by a landscape of hope.

Indonesian Drums

Indonesian drums track is a spirit of life; you must be energized in order to achieve your goals. Do it without hesitation. The percussive elements in this track will help you release your inner wildness and enjoy your daily activities more. The frequencies vibrate with high percussion.

Moh Yake

The song is built on the tension of an oscillating bass line that flickers and shifts through ascending and descending notes that gradually increase in intensity and lead to a powerful African chorus that perfectly matches the essence of the song and transports us back to mother earth.

Bali Jackin Groove

This release has been nominated by Pianity Community Toplist.

Massive tech house tune with bouncy basslines and the minimalistic yet on-point tribal elements. A groovy dance floor weapon, featuring coming-and-going flutes, well-working vocal hooks and shuffling percussions, built over the deep bassline.


This release has been featured by Beatport and Traxsource on Banner support, Best New Afro House, Top100 Afro House, Main page website featured.

'Amandla' is an African style influenced by the sounds of Afro House and Afro Tech combining a whole range of new electronic genres. It is a track about a Powerful bass that is organic. - King Man P


"Fractal" is a thrilling ride through classic acid sounds, deep bass, and a serious groove that will leave you wanting more. From the moment the track starts, you're transported to the very depths of the pit, where space clouds surround you and carry you away on a journey that is both exhilarating and intense.

Why Do You Love Me

House sounds with a minimal approach and attention to production which makes his tracks sing on a big system.


P.O.T appears from nowhere, this producer duo work on their project Stampdanse at a distance apart. Stampdanse is inspired by dances from African tribes that bring joy to some of their celebrations. P.O.T translated this into their energetic electronic organic afro house music. This track is made to celebrate the diversity of the world.


Vitti Alonso's debut for YHV Records begins with a catchy synth hook and a heavy bassline. A lovely melodic house track based on immersive melodies and harmony.

Nusantara Chilling

In real life sanity, experience is a teacher. As we think, our knowledge and skills grow. Every human being who wishes to change must seek God's solution in life. For a long time, the remaining files were difficult to locate, but this was not an impediment; the real impediment was laziness, and fighting laziness was my personal struggle.

Finally, as I reflect on the events surrounding the creation of this album, the beautiful and bitter memories are mixed together. I just enjoy life because it is a collection of experiences.

YHV Records, a leading independent record label, has joined the web3 music NFT community via Pianity, a cutting-edge platform that enables musicians and record labels to create, sell, and collect music NFTs.

With the music industry rapidly evolving and new technologies like NFTs gaining mainstream acceptance, YHV Records recognizes the importance of staying ahead of the curve and embracing new ways to engage with their fans and monetize their music.

Through Pianity, YHV Records will be able to create unique and exclusive music NFTs that offer fans unprecedented access to their artists and their music. Fans will be able to purchase these NFTs and enjoy perks such as early access to unreleased music, exclusive cinematograph cover art, limited edition ownership card, and more.

"We are thrilled to be joining the web3 music NFT community via Pianity," said Yopi Handi, CEO of YHV Records. "We believe that NFTs represent the future of the music industry, and we are excited to explore the endless possibilities that this technology offers for our artists and our fans."

Pianity is a leading platform for music NFTs, offering cutting-edge technology and a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for musicians and record labels to create and sell NFTs. With its focus on providing a seamless and secure experience for buyers and sellers alike, Pianity is quickly becoming the go-to platform for web3 music NFTs.

With the addition of YHV Records, Pianity continues to cement its position as the leading platform for web3 music NFTs, providing musicians and record labels with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age.